iPad Air 4 – Add Extra Storage

The Ksix iMemory Adapter is something that is a really useful piece of kit.  This little adapter enables you to gain up to 64GB of extra storage.  By taking a few simple steps it can be installed.

Within the box you will receive the adapter and clear instructions .  Please note  you will also need a micro SD card which will need to be purchased separately.

In order to add extra storage to your phone you will need to download the iExpand-Plus app. From there, place the micro SD card into the designated slot on the side of the Ksix’s adapter. With that done all you need to do is connect the adapter to your iPad Air 4.

When you have  inserted the adapter into your iPad Air 4, open the iExpand-Plus app.   This will let you see  your device’s content and then you will be able to transfer your files to the micro SD card. This  is the perfect way to back up your content whilst on the go.

This does not just secure your documents but is also a way to transfer them from one iOS device to another. To achieve this, simply use the slide button to reveal the USB. Now you are able to upload photos and videos to your MAC from your iPad with ease.

The Ksix iMemory Micro SD Adapter is available to purchase from Mobile Fun by clicking the button below.

This information is an abridged version of a blog from Amit Patel

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CardioBot Apple Watch Heart Rate Tracker

CardioBot is a powerful app for iOS and watchOS that taps into the data collected by your Apple Watch to provide a comprehensive overview of your health. A new version of the app adds iOS 14 home screen widgets for blood oxygen statistics, new workout features, and more.

This new version of CardioBot includes  new home screen widgets for iOS 14: blood oxygen, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and a small version of the heart rate summary.  When you add these widgets to your iOS 14 home screen, you can monitor your Apple Watch health data at a glance.

There are also new compilations for your Apple Watch faces: blood oxygen, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability.

The latest version of CardioBot has a new workout screen in the app that shows more details on your heart rate during a workout.  An attractive features is that it will even send you a haptic feedback notification on your Apple Watch whenever your heart rate zone changes.

Full details for the latest version of CardioBot are:

  • Blood oxygen widget added.
  • Resting HR widget added.
  • HRV widget added.
  • Small Heart Rate summary widget added.
  • Blood oxygen complications added.
  • Resting HR complication added.
  • HRV complication added.
  • Heart Rate summary complication redesigned.
  • Start workout button fixed.
  • Heart points goal limit changed.

CardioBot is available on the App Store as a free download with an in-app subscription.     [The information above is an extract from 9TO5Mac]

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